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envoPAP: Turning waste into sustainable wealth

S5 E8 • Feb 5, 2024 • 73 mins

Meet Kaushal Shah, the impact entrepreneur behind envoPap, who is on a mission to help save the planet while making a profit. He turns agricultural waste into sustainable paper and packaging, and in this conversation, he shares his secrets to success in business and beyond.

Key Points

  • Sustainable Innovation: Learn how Kaushal has built out an end-to-end sustainable business model focused on both community development and economic growth
  • Smart scaling: We peel back the layers to unpick how Kaushal achieves economic growth whilst successfully diversifying the business
  • Grounded Mindset: How does Kaushal deal with cultural differences and large supply chain issues? By staying grounded through self-care practices like meditation
  • Finally, hear why falling in love with the problem, not just the solution, is vital to entrepreneurial success
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