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Heights: From Burnout to Braincare, how Dan Murray-Serter built a £500k+ MRR business in public

S4 E13 • Apr 17, 2023 • 74 mins

How one entrepreneur turned his struggles into a thriving business. We speak with serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Heights and host of the Secret Leaders podcast, Dan Murray-Serter. Hear how Dan went from struggling with insomnia and anxiety to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the world of nutrition and wellbeing. Discover Dan's insights on resilience, building a unique brand, and creating your own category.

Key Points

  • Find out how Dan used a newsletter to grow his business and the mistakes he made that we can all learn from
  • Dan's investment philosophy, based on investing in over 50+startups and how to invest in people, not businesses
  • Taking yourself too seriously as a founder can lead to a loss of enjoyment and fulfilment in the startup journey, so it's essential to maintain the ability to laugh at yourself and find joy in the process.
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