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Yuup: Turning Experiences into Businesses

S5 E2 • Nov 13, 2023 • 72 mins

As an early-stage founder, the decision to bootstrap or raise capital can make or break your business. But don't worry, serial entrepreneur Dominic Mills has been there and has the answers you need to succeed. We uncover the power of community, localism, and entrepreneurship as we follow Dominic's journey from exit to founding his latest startup, Yuup - a marketplace that connects people with local experiences.

Key Points

  • Community as a Catalyst: Learn from Dominic's experience with Yuup about the power of community in accelerating business growth
  • Balancing Acts: Hear Dominic's take on the advantages and challenges of bootstrapping versus taking on external funding
  • Leadership Mastery: Discover how to become an effective leader
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Dominic Mills

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