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Connectd: Embracing delusion, neurodiversity, and self-awareness in startup success

S5 E16 • May 27, 2024 • 76 mins

How this entrepreneur overcame ADHD and dyslexia and used these diagnoses as his superpower to build two businesses worth millions. Hear the inspiring story of Roei Samuel, who discusses the importance of self-belief, transparency, and resilience in entrepreneurship. Roei got an exit with his first business, Real Sport, and has gone on to build the UK's fastest-growing startup community in Connectd. The platform has shaken the early-stage investment landscape by utilising data to ensure transparency, trust, and better connectivity in the investment process. By the end of the episode, you'll be encouraged to think bigger, embrace bold decisions, and navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with more confidence and resilience.

Key Points

  • How to create an unstoppable mindset - Roei shares how he has created an intoxicating self-belief to overcome challenges and remove crippling self-doubt.
  • Develop self-awareness and play to your strengths - How to become more self-aware and focus on your personal strengths. Embrace who you are and prioritise self-care to achieve long-term success and happiness.
  • Create a big vision - Roei is on a mission to democratise the investment landscape and empower entrepreneurs worldwide.
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