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By Sarah London: Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour

S4 E9 • Feb 20, 2023 • 52 mins

From tragedy to triumph. How a sister's life-saving transplant led to the creation of a natural skincare business. By Sarah London, stands for something much larger, their deeply personal story has sparked a strong sense of mission and purpose when it comes to business - which shines through in this conversation.

Key Points

  • Learn how to shake off imposter syndrome and reframe failure
  • How to stand out and take on the industry giants. By Sarah London gives 100% transparency in their ingredient listings and became a B Corp, showing their sustainability values.
  • How to deal with major business challenges. Hear how they dealt with Brexit and withdrawing from the EU market, they've used direct-to-consumer strategies and social media to maintain and grow their customer base, enabling them to plan a return to the EU market.
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