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Angel Investing School: Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t

S4 E12 • Apr 3, 2023 • 54 mins

Do you dream of being an angel investor but don't know where to begin? Learn from the co-founder of The Angel Investing School, Andy Ayim , about how he is democratising the world of angel investing and why being a non-conformist can lead to great leaps in learning. Find out how Andy's backpacking trip at 21 sparked personal and professional growth and led him on the path to entrepreneurship and angel investing.

Key Points

  • Find out what keeps Andy moving forward with confidence, and how someone becomes a trusted advisor to new businesses.
  • We explore toxic company cultures, the importance of being true to oneself, and the democratisation of angel investing.
  • Lack of diversity in angel and VC funding and the need for equal access to opportunity for all
  • The importance of serving customers rather than investors, especially in challenging climates, reminding founders to focus on their intrinsic motivations
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