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Mr Bug - From music to mealworms

S5 E12 • Apr 1, 2024 • 58 mins

Meet Conal Cunningham, a music industry veteran turned pet food innovator, and discover his remarkable journey of perseverance and innovation. We deep dive into the origins of Mr Bug, a company redefining pet nutrition, through sustainably grown insect protein. This startup story has it all from kitchen experiments, funding struggles, and scaling triumphs. Whether you're a founder, an eco-conscious individual, or simply curious about the intersection of sustainability and business, this episode is a must-listen.

Key Points

  • Understand how starting small and bootstrapping can be leveraged as a strategic advantage for learning, evolving, and growing your business.
  • How to engage with your customers early on and how this can lead to immediate sales and traction when you launch your startup
  • The framework for building a stand-out brand in a crowded marketplace
  • The potential of insect protein to contribute to food security and the circular economy.
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