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SRSLY Low Carb: why we need to STOP sugar coating the truth

S5 E5 • Dec 18, 2023 • 94 mins

We are currently facing a public health crisis. In this episode, you'll hear the story of Andy Welsh, the ambitious founder of SRSLY Low Carb. After a wake-up call, he left the corporate world to enter the challenging world of health-focused entrepreneurship. Picture this: You're trying to offer healthier food options in a market that is dominated by six conglomerates producing ultra-processed food. Quite a challenge, right? What's his secret weapon? It's listening to his customers. Their feedback and loyalty have been his guide and his driving force, reinforcing the power of customer-centric businesses.

Key Points

  • Resilience is at the Heart of Entrepreneurship: Andy's experience reminds us that overcoming obstacles, such as personal financial risk and market resistance, requires a strong support system and an ability to adapt under pressure.
  • The Power of Quality and Customer Loyalty: Prioritising product integrity and building close customer relationships can lead to organic growth and brand trust, often reducing the need for heavy marketing investment.
  • Financial Literacy is Fundamental: The conversations underscore the essential need for entrepreneurs to understand their financials deeply. Money problems in business can't be ignored and must be managed proactively to ensure stability and growth.
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