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SOS Dance Global: Choreographing change and empowering a generation

S5 E11 • Mar 18, 2024 • 96 mins

Entrepreneurship is a lot like dancing; both require resilience, adaptability, and the courage to step outside your comfort zone. Find out how one startup, SOS Dance Global, is combining these elements to reach the top of the industry. This is a story of empowerment, resilience, and defying the odds. Bonnie Parsons, shares her remarkable journey from professional dancer to pioneering entrepreneur, and how she's empowering a generation of women through the universal language of dance.

Key Points

  • How to confront challenges head-on. Hear the harsh truths behind the obstacles facing female founders and the keys to success in balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood.
  • Empowerment as strategy. For Bonnie, she's clear on her mission to positively impact lives globally, providing strength and confidence to women.
  • Scaling up requires a transformative mindset, implementing systems, and spreading culture and processes for business growth
  • Persistence pays off. Building a startup is a long game where patience, strategic planning, and understanding your worth are essential ingredients for success.
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