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Responsible: Failure is only feedback

S4 E8 • Feb 6, 2023 • 60 mins

From losing millions to founding a sustainable fashion brand, Responsible. Hear from Mark Dowds about how to bounce back and find success. Mark is a serial founder and super angel investor, who knows the entrepreneurial rollercoaster like the back of his hand. Mark shares his insights on investing in early-stage startups, overcoming entrepreneurial challenges, and the significance of an abundant mindset in business

Key Points

  • The problem you're solving with your startup should be crystal clear in your own mind; if it's not, it's worth reevaluating if it's the right venture to pursue.
  • Being too early to market with an innovative product can be a disadvantage, so it's crucial to validate the market demand and timing before fully committing resources.
  • Listening to your fears and treating them as feedback can lead to growth and learning, helping you become more resilient and adaptive as an entrepreneur.
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