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Rival: The man who gave Gary Vee the "jab, jab, jab, right hook"

S5 E7 • Jan 22, 2024 • 82 mins

The former MD of Gary Vee's Vayner Media left everything behind to pursue his dream, and the results will leave you inspired. Tune into a thought-provoking journey with Eric Fulwiler, the visionary co-founder behind the growth marketing consultancy Rival. What was the tipping point that compelled him to take the plunge? In reality, there wasn't one.. Eric pulls back the glitzy entrepreneurial curtain and reveals the unfiltered realities of day-to-day startup life.

Key Points

  • Define Your Own Success Metrics: It’s not just about growth; in Eric's case, it's about building a business that is so strong that someone else would want to purchase it. Learn his philosophy: don't challenge the market; change it.
  • Prepare for the Marathon: Entrepreneurship is a journey of endurance. Eric's advice? Build emotional and psychological resilience. It’s about ensuring the longevity of both your mental health and your business. Take care of yourself, your team, and truly understand your customers' needs.
  • More Than Just Profit: Eric sees Rival, and business in general, as a vehicle for positive change. Aim for a social and environmental impact; embody the challenger brand mindset, and drive innovation that matters.
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