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Clementine: Freeing millions of women to go from I can't to I can

S5 E14 • Apr 29, 2024 • 79 mins

The untold story of how one woman's mental health crisis led her to create a revolutionary mindset company for women. Meet Kim Palmer founder of Clementine, a company on a mission to free women from unhelpful thoughts, feelings & expectations. Kim's very personal crisis led her to champion mental well-being and create a movement for women. Clementine is reimagining mental health and paving the way for digital therapeutics. Kim risked it all as the main breadwinner, giving up her well-paid job in strategy to follow her dreams.

Key Points

  • Expansion and growth: Explore Clementine's strategic shift from an App to a mindset company
  • Founder well-being: Kim discusses the critical role of self-care, the power of trusting one's intuition, and maintaining emotional well-being amid the demands of startup life
  • The Importance of Customer Discovery: How to effectively use customer insights to validate your business model, fuel growth and build an engaged community
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