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Founded & Grounded
UK's No.2 ranked startup podcast. We bring you the honest realities of startup life, from early-stage founders who are only a couple of steps ahead.
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Season 5 teaser

Trailer • May 2, 2024 • 15 mins

We deep dive into the minds of early-stage founders, who are only a couple of steps ahead. Our unique podcast format, blending interviews with analysis, brings you closer to the action. Our hosts, Dr Becky Sage and Ollie Tiramuragan Collard unpack the business lessons for you. Join us as we tackle taboo topics and feature a diverse range of guests, with over 1 in 3 being female founders and 1 in 4 being from an ethnic minority background since the podcast was launched in 2019. In this teaser episode, we delve into Ashleigh Tennent's journey in the coaching industry. We also hear about Andy Welsh's financial struggles. Eric Fulwiler shares his career journey, marketing insights, and experiences with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Key Points

  • The idea for the business evolved from a personal need for coaching experience and a desire to make coaching accessible to everyone, not just those at the top, which led to a model where new coaches could gain experience by helping key workers and struggling businesses during the pandemic.
  • Entrepreneur Andy shared a candid story about a significant accounting error that nearly cost him his business and home, highlighting the importance of understanding finances in business and the emotional toll such mistakes can take on founders.
  • The guest reflected on their career path, emphasizing that many people are figuring things out as they go and expressing a fascination with how marketing and branding can influence people's perceptions and behaviors.
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