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El Rayo: Tequila - it makes me happy

S4 E10 • Mar 6, 2023 • 60 mins

Some say the best ideas come over a drink, and for these lifelong friends, tequila sparked their entrepreneurial journey. But there’s more to tequila than 3am shooters, sucking a lemon and licking salt. They went all in, quit their day jobs, and went on a wild Mexican adventure. Here's the inspiring story of how they turned a simple idea into a successful startup El Rayo. It’s bonkers and brilliant - and likely to make you ask yourself - what am I waiting for?

Key Points

  • Trust your instincts and what you think will be best for the business, as some of the best ideas can come from spontaneous moments or casual conversations.
  • Resilience is a crucial skill for business owners, as you will often face rejection and challenges, but it's important to push through and enjoy the journey of building your business.
  • When starting a business without industry experience, don't be afraid to ask questions and seek advice, but also be prepared to admit what you don't know and learn from others.
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