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Alfa Technology: From celebrity magician to startup founder

S5 E17 • Jun 10, 2024 • 74 mins

From performing magic for prime ministers and billionaires to gracing stages on shows like Britain's Got Talent. Alfie Whattam shares his unorthodox journey from entertainment to launching his own recruitment startup, Alfa Technology. Alfa builds software engineering teams for businesses operating in cutting-edge technologies like AI and Web3. Uncover Alfie's game-changing insights on cultivating a bulletproof mindset, building effective content strategies, and disrupting outdated industries ripe for innovation. The recruitment industry is broken. Hear how Alfie is challenging the status quo, taking on the incumbent ‘dinosaurs’, questioning unethical practices, and doing things differently.

Key Points

  • How to build a winning Content Strategy – Alfie shares his blueprint so you can drive inbound demand for your business. He stresses the importance of consistency and a clear strategy to make content work effectively for your goals.
  • Delegation and Automation - Alfie emphasises the significance of delegating tasks, systematising, and automating to avoid burnout and maximise productivity.
  • The potential and dangers of AI and Web3 technologies. Hear the immense potential for transforming entire industries and creating new business opportunities. But the rapid evolution also poses ethical and existential questions that we explore
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