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Unyoked: Tapping into mother nature

S4 E16 • Jun 12, 2023 • 63 mins

Twin brothers. A unique vision. And a determination to create a global nature brand against all odds. This is the remarkable story of Unyoked: hear from co-founder Cam about his unstoppable startup that has overcome bushfires, floods, and a pandemic to bring sustainable off-grid cabins to the world.

Key Points

  • Creating a category is a bold move that differentiates your startup from competitors and requires deep market understanding, a clear USP, and significant marketing efforts to educate consumers.
  • Having a co-founder with aligned values and life stages is crucial for a harmonious working relationship and the success of a startup.
  • A startup journey will inevitably encounter challenges, and maintaining resilience and a problem-solving mindset is key to navigating and overcoming these obstacles.
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