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Greenworkx: Small Steps, Big Impact: Building 10 Million Green Jobs

S5 E4 • Dec 11, 2023 • 81 mins

From advising UK Prime Ministers to spearheading green innovation. Mat Ilic takes us from the corridors of Whitehall to the frontlines of green innovation. Discover his journey from Belgrade to becoming a UK visionary. Mat spent his career advising the likes of Boris Johnson and Theresa May. Now, he’s on a mission with Greenworkx to foster environmental change and generate 10 million green jobs

Key Points

  • How can small steps lead to massive impact? This conversation holds the answers.
  • Bridging the Green Gap: There's a pressing need to address the skills gap in the green sector. Greenworkx's mission is to empower 10 million individuals with green jobs, fostering a low-carbon, sustainable world.
  • Step by Step Innovation: Mat Ilic champions the iterative approach in business, reminding us that significant progress comes from small, consistent steps.
  • Diversity Fuels Change: Inclusivity isn't just a buzzword; it's crucial for progression. By aiming to recruit from underserved communities, Greenworkx addresses workforce diversity head-on, ensuring that the transition to a greener economy is wide-reaching.
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