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More Happi: Overcoming Fear and Burnout: Unveiling the Power of Coaching

S5 E1 • Oct 30, 2023 • 65 mins

Unlock the secrets to overcoming fear, addressing burnout, and finding happiness with the power of coaching. Meet Ashleigh Tennent, founder of More Happi - a platform making coaching affordable for all. Discover how she conquered her fears, recognised burnout, and built a successful coaching business that's changing lives.

Key Points

  • Overcoming Fears and Limiting Beliefs: Learn how Ashleigh tackled her fear of public speaking, which was rooted in her childhood
  • Addressing Burnout: Discover how Ashleigh recognised and navigated burnout with the guidance of a coach, emphasising the importance of reflection and gaining perspective.
  • The Power of Mentors and Coaches: Understand the difference between mentors and coaches
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