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SCVC: College dropout to IPO - the journey from founder to deeptech investor

S5 E13 • Apr 15, 2024 • 88 mins

Get a rare insight into one entrepreneur's remarkable journey to a $1.5B market cap. Discover John Williams's insider strategies and personal challenges as he co-founded and scaled Kudan from startup through to IPO. John's next chapter is building SCVC, a deep tech VC he and partner Harry Destecroix wished they had as founders. This episode is a must-listen for every entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. Hear how John hopes to leave a legacy and go beyond his massive IPO milestone, by backing the best technical founders who are creating the fourth industrial revolution.

Key Points

  • Insider IPO Strategies: from leading Kudan through to a historic IPO, John shares his untold story of the strategic manoeuvres and personal challenges of scaling a company to achieve a billion-dollar-plus valuation.
  • Venture Capital Reimagined: discover SCVC's unique approach as a deep tech VC firm that supports early-stage founders, focused on transforming academic research into commercial spinouts.
  • Technology product fit, learn how a deep understanding of your technology can guide you to the right product and market.
  • Investor mindset - hear how SCVC is helping early-stage founders navigate the complex and long journey from academic research to spinout success.
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